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Morel Mushroom Fairy

Morel Mushroom Fairy

The original mushroom fairy. This handmade, ceramic figurine is inspired by morels (Morchella spp.), a mushroom that has taken on an almost mystical quality in the foraging world. A springtime delicacy, the morels are among the most sought-after wild, edible mushroom in the Midwest. Minnesota even declared it its official state mushroom. So special is a moral sighting, that foragers have been known to go to great lenghts to keep the location a secret. Like the ceramic fairies, real-life morels grow in a variety of colors, with ongoing DNA studies redefining the categories. The ceramic version perhaps most closely resembles the black morels, which have darker ridges and paler pits. 


Every mushroom fairy is completely handmade and handpainted with ceramic glazes. Not only does the overall shape and leg position make each mushroom fairy unique, but every batch comes in slightly different color variation. So even while your mushroom fairy will resemble its cousins, you can be sure that your specimen is completely one of a kind. 


Morel mushroom fairies come in two general cateories: Ones that lay flat against a surface and ones that dangle off a ledge. 

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